the crew of Oiky Cruises


The crew - Marianthi

Marianthi Kyrkioti is part of the crew. She was born in Munich of Germany in 1992. After high school, she successfully graduated from college like a decorator and continued for a second degree in aesthetics. 

Her passion for the sea guided her to enjoy a sailing school in 2015. From that time she is sailing all over the Aegean sea like a skipper, organizing cruises for tourists in Chalkidiki. 

She and her loved sailing boat Mamilo will make you live one unique experience in the seas of Chalkidiki.

The crew - Paris

Paris Kyrkiotis was born in Munich of Germany in 1994. After his school years, he decided to study professional refrigeration and became part in Cryoart, one of the leading companies of refrigeration in Greece.

 His family spirit pushed him into the seas. He enjoyed a sailing school in 2015 where he learned about sailing in the open sea. He took part many times at racing sailboat events.

 Paris is also part of the Greek Red Cross and he is an expert first aid provider.

The crew - Dimitris

Dimitris Kammenos is also part of the crew. He was born in Thessaloniki in 1995. After he fulfilled his military duties he studied mechatronics. 

At the same time, he was learning about scuba diving and he reached the divemaster level of PADI. He continued his diving career in Italy where he took his professional qualification in commercial diving.

 Dimitris worked like an underwater welder and finally came back, taking part in the Mamilo crew. He joined a sailing school and gained his certificate.

 He is a rescuer and first aid provider. His passion for the sea never ends.