10 Hour Cruise


We will start from marina Miraggio at 10:00 in the morning and we will sail for the island of Kelyfos (also known as Turtle island), where we will have enough time for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and Kayak SUP. After that stop you can choose one of our 3 suggestions:

* First choice for you is to travel through Spalathronisia, enjoying the beauty of the Greek nature. We will join a Greek tavern that is located nearby so you can have the opportunity to taste our traditional delicacies. After the lunch, we will visit some of Porto Karra’s bays that are accessible only by boat. There you will relax and swim in its turquoise waters. The sounds of the waves and the total silence will calm you down and will make you forget about everything. When the time will come, we will sail back to marina Miraggio where we will finish our cruise at 20:00 in the evening.

** As a second choice we suggest you to sail at the port of Marmaras for a lunch brake. There you will have the opportunity to search for the tavern or restaurant of your choice. Marmaras is a small village with almost 3.000 people. It is a summer destination, accessible also by car. There you will also find souvenirs and you can probably shop whatever you like. After Marmaras we will visit the small bays of Porto Karra for swimming and relaxing. As a last destination is marina Miraggio, where our cruise will end. Our predetermined arrival is at 20:00 in the evening.

*** Last choice is to travel at Porto Koufo, in one of the most beautiful places of Sithonia. Porto Koufo is a natural harbor where the boats enter through its magnificent rocky walls. At the second World War, it was occupied by the German Army and became one of the strongest fortresses against any naval attack. Nowadays you can find there many Greek traditional taverns and restaurants. The journey to Porto Koufo is longer than the other destinations, but its view is priceless. After our stop there, we will sail back to marina Miraggio where we will finish our cruise. Our predetermined arrival is as always at 20:00 in the evening. 

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