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Looking always forward to provide the best customer experience and create unique moments, we are expecting to become the first choice for all the people who are willing to visit Greece and sail to our wonderful turquoise and sandy beaches.

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Marianthi Kyrkioti

Marianthi Kirkioti


Marianthi was born in Munich, Germany. Her passion for the sea guided her to join a sailing school and from that moment she is sailing all over the Aegean sea.

Dimitris Kammenos

Dimitris Kammenos


Dimitris was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. After working as an underwater welder, he started sailing. Now he is trying to make everyone see the beauty of the sea.

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About the company

Oiky cruises is a family business that started as a hobby. “Mamilo” is our first luxurious sailing yacht that we have started our sailing stories. We are becoming more experienced by the years and we are discovering new spots that we would love to share with you.

Marianthi, as a person that really loves the sea, had the idea to start sailing as a hobby. She enrolled in a sailing course. After she graduated, she decided not to quit sailing, that is why she chose to create a company where her dreams would become true. “Sail the sea, visit wonderful spots that you cannot see from the land, and enjoy life”. That is her motive.

For those you are willing to relax and want to spend unique moments with their friends and loved ones, we are here to make that happen. We are specialized to make your holidays in Greece unforgettable and joyful.