7 Hour Cruise

Cruise at sithonia

We will start the 7-hour cruise from the port of Miraggio at 10:00 in the morning.

 We will sail for the sunny and isolated bays of Porto Karras, located at the second leg of Chalkidiki.

 There you will enjoy swimming and Kayak SUP or relaxing over the turquoise waters.

 At Porto Karras, there are many small sandy beaches that you can go only by boat, cause there are no other ways to see them. 

After the last stop, we will sail back to marina Miraggio to finish our cruise. If we have enough time, we can make one more stop at a rocky beach to admire its wild beauty and swim.

Our predetermined arrival at the port of Miraggio is at 17:00 where our 7-hour cruise will end.

8 hour cruise
8 hour cruise