Looking to pass your day in the sea, enjoy the sun and the sea of Greece? Daily cruises in Halkidiki are the best solution for you!! 

Halkidiki is a very popular touristic destination in Greece for many years. People are coming from all over the world to enjoy the Greek summer, with ouzo and greek traditional dishes, listening to Zorba and saying ‘Opa’! 

Oiky Cruises is here to provide you all of these joys on a sailing boat. We will sail, you will see the sea, you will enjoy Greek music and if you like, you will enjoy also the Greek traditional dishes!

You are in the right place to organize or choose one of our recommended daily cruises in the bays and beaches of Halkidiki. Take your friends and family and give them a special gift on your vacation. 

We would like also to inform you that in case of bad weather conditions your cruise maybe will be canceled and will be re-organized for another day. Don’t worry though! Bad weather conditions in the Greek summer are rare to none!

Our goal is to make you spend an unforgettable experience and keep you safe…

Daily cruises in Halkidiki