3 hour Cruise

Fishing Cruise

We will start our 3-hour cruise from the port of Miraggio at 09:00 in the morning and we will sail for Saint Nicolaos, a fishing area near our place. 

 We will fish while our boat will be on move. To be more precise we will not open the sails as it will become more difficult for fishing. 

On our sailing boat, you can find three fishing sticks, baits, and all the necessary equipment. You are always free to bring your equipment or maybe some spare for a fourth person.

 After our fishing cruise, we will sail back to the port of Miraggio, where we will end our trip. Our scheduled arrival is at 12:00 in the morning (midday). For those who would like to stay more, there is an extra fee every hour.

3 hour cruise

Sunset cruise

Do you love watching the sunset? Do you also love to relax at the sea? This is the perfect cruise for you, as you will be free to join both at the same time.

 Our sunset 3-hour cruise starts at 18:00 from the marina of Miraggio. The destination is near the Kanapitsa bay, where we will stop and we will watch the perfect sunset. 

There you will enjoy a bottle of wine and a fruit salad with your loved one as the sun will start getting hide behind the top of Glarokambos.

 After the sunset, we will sail back to the marina of Miraggio where we will end our trip at 21:00.

3 hour cruises