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The Destination.

Before you begin you must know your destination. The plans of your trip of course, concerns the whole company and it is decided jointly all together. The good planned sailing trip,will help you not to lose time only on traveling. Choose places to relax, enjoy the sea, and last important thing ,that you can refuel quickly.

The necessary supermarkets

Food that does not require refrigeration, foods that are easy to cook, enough snacks, breakfast ingredients and drinks. Refrigerator will not function everywhere, especially if you fail to tie up in port and near to a produce electricity. Breakfasts, snacks and some packages spaghetti, can and sauces you should buy them before. Attention. Meats and sausages spoil easily.

The selection of the company.

 In a sailing it is important to have at least 2-3 people with strength that will do more things aboard, like tie up in ports, wake up to solve,  spin the board sails, but also to make the refueling of water etc on ports. A good choice of company in these sailing trips is important, especially when you’re seven days aboard on the sailing boat.

The skipper

Traveling by yacht must be a restful trip. The budget to have a skipper will not be so much a problem. If you take into account the comfort you feel when you have someone to arrange all the worries for you, you will see that it is worth the expense. Attention. The discussion with the skipper is required to be done before the journey and not the first day. He will try to do his best. He can choose beaches that you can tie up and you can sleep instead be on guard. If your plans are different,you have arrange it in advance.

The control of the Sailing Boat

It is very important to do a good control aboard, along with the skipper.It is necessary.